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We carefully select the best jewelry in the market for you!

Mary Moh’s Jewels is a fashion business with the aim of reforming and redesigning people’s perception about jewelry fashion. Through our careful selection of jewelry pieces, we help people from different walks of life express themselves and make statements beyond the words of their mouths. Even though we have a particular interest in young women, we are committed to making this accessible to every human by providing a platform where they can acquire pieces that suit and accentuate their styles.

Mary Moh


About Our Founder

Mary Moh’s Jewels started off really small and more like a hobby. I’m passionate about acquiring unique, meaningful, and painstakingly-designed jewelry pieces that are of high quality. As I began my journey as a jewelry-preneur, I figured I wasn’t the only one who loved them. There’s a small, but significant group that are willing. However, many weren’t wearing them because of some reasons including not being able to find them so easily. So I took it upon myself to search through the world’s treasure boxes and find all the finest recherché jewelry pieces.

Here to help you find the finest of the finests which suits you.

 I hope to reach out to people like me who have chosen not to settle for the ordinary and are in search of the rares and unusuals. I have created this platform to satisfy the cravings of true jewelry lovers. Beyond finding you the finest of the finests, this brand is set out to help you discover which ones are perfect for you, especially you who are testing waters and hoping to find true love in jewelry.


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Beyond Trendy

At Mary Moh’s Jewels, we pride in our ability to stay ahead of trends in order to help you find the future trends before it gets to every shop on the street. While we help you stay trend-forward, we ensure you get the best of the bests.


Ethically Sourced Jewels & Accessories

We ensure that our products are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way. We check with the manufacturers we buy from to ensure these pieces are being created in a worker-friendly and safe environment.



Every Detail Matters. When it comes to quality, our product researcher looks at every jewelry’s detail; from the base metal to its plating, the links to the closures, and the weight to the size to ensure the perfect fit into your jewelry needs. For us, every jewelry has to meet our quality and price standards. This we do by having our Product Management Team work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that we give you jewelry pieces that do not only make you feel good, but are kind to your skin. Learn more>>>